Anabelle Baggs

Anabelle Baggs is studying environmental science and studio art. She loves plants, coffee, fluffy animals and painting with vibrant colors. She wants to work to make deeper connections with the environment and people in her community.

Matthew C. Buster

Passionate about understanding and discovering the world around him, Matthew Buster is a budding photographer and writer. His personal essay about his scuba diving adventure in the Biosphere 2 ocean was published on the University of Arizona News website, along with photos he captured with an underwater film camera during the dive. This was Matthew’s first published work. He moved to Tucson in January 2016 as a senior majoring in sustainable plant systems through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. His direction changed during his time in Tucson, however, from wanting to work in the agricultural industry after college to pursuing his passion for science and discovery through his favorite medium: photography.

Abby Dockter

Abby Dockter is an MFA student in creative writing. She loves to travel and always leaves the trail to look at plants.

Jorge Encinas

Jorge Encinas is a graduate student in journalism. For two semesters he has written for Arizona Sonora News. After graduation in December, he plans to start his career as an international print reporter.

Michael Evans

Michael Evans is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in astronomy. He is interested in science and environmental issues in the media. He believes that it is vitally important to portray interesting topics accurately.

Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin is a junior in environmental science focusing on natural resources. After she graduates, she hopes to go to law school.

Hanna Hard

Hanna Hard is an environmental science senior with an emphasis in environmental chemistry. She is from Utah and loves to hike, run and ski. Next year she’ll be working on her environmental science master’s degree at the University of Arizona.

Angelo Lavo | Photograph by John de Dios
Angelo Lavo

Angelo Lavo spent nearly 14 years in Missoula, Montana, trapped by boundless wilderness and enchanted by the changing seasons. Now back in his hometown of Tucson, he enjoys having only two seasons and appreciates the desert’s majesty. He is pursuing a dual master’s degree in journalism and law while raising four wily children with his ever-patient wife. In other words, he is basically an angel’s whisper shy of clinical insanity.

Stephen Lovell

Steven Lovell is a senior majoring in environmental science and also focusing on business. He loves cars and the automotive industry.

Mikayla Mace

When Mikayla Mace was in middle school, her teacher once scolded her for asking too many questions, so Mikayla went off and did her own research. That was the day Mikayla learned that not all teachers are worth listening to, and curiosity can take you anywhere. Now, Mikayla is combining her love of asking “too many” questions with her love of art and science. After earning her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and cognitive science with a minor in astronomy at the University of Arizona, she decided to continue her education in the journalism master’s program. Writing stories, creating graphics and questioning experts in varying fields will prepare her with the tools she needs to keep asking questions for the rest of her life. 

Connor Osgood

Connor Osgood is a graduating senior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He is passionate about growing and learning about plants of all kinds. He enjoys reading about chemistry and ecology and pursuing miscellaneous interests, and he has enjoyed his introduction to the world of journalism.


Insects have provided a lifetime of enjoyment for John Palting. His first job at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum provided him with an intimate glimpse of this unique region that fueled his passion for studying its entomology. He ended up working professionally in immunology for the last 20 years, all the while doing entomology on the side. He has returned to the University of Arizona as an unconventional graduate student to become familiar with modern systematics under the tutelage of Dr. Wendy Moore. He wants to make a contribution to a field that he dearly loves and embark on a professional entomological career to help nurture this love in the next generation of entomologists.

Nohely Reyes

Nohely Reyes is a junior majoring in environmental science with an emphasis on land, air and water. She is from Puerto Rico, but she has come to love the desert. She enjoys exploring new places, being outdoors and taking pictures.

Konner Speth

Konner Speth is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in communication. She hopes to work in public relations after graduation.

Michaela Webb

Michaela Webb developed a love for the mountains and deserts of the West through a childhood spent adventuring outside. She wants to devote her life to protecting wild places and preserving a livable planet. She just changed her major from environmental science to journalism because she was inspired by the Environmental Journalism class and feels that good journalism has the potential to create a lot of change. 

Rachel Wehr

Although she is a Pennsylvania native, Rachel Wehr is now a desert rat and resident of Tucson. After graduating with a B.S. in environmental science from the University of Arizona, she will set out for a year of work with the Student Conservation Association in Saguaro National Park. Rachel wishes to make a difference in the world by spreading the importance of environmental education, conservation and delicious food. 

Amber White

Amber White is a senior studying journalism. She has lived in Tucson for the 21 years she has been alive. Her plans after graduation are uncertain, but she loves writing and animals, so maybe her life will involve those passions.

Enviro J, Out
Enviro J, Out